Which high-demand amenities are most important to you?

With new developments opening for tenants every day, there’s a race between property development teams to see who can make the most attractive packages for potential renters. At the end of the day, an apartment is always going to be four walls—what separates one building from the rest? Of course, there’s a myriad of answers to that question, from square feet to location, but luxury amenities are a key tool to make a building an attractive one for tenants.

It’s a plus for you, because it means you’re bound to get a slew of exciting options in your search, but it also brings up the age-old paradox of choice: with so many possibilities, it can be harder to make a decision. Before you begin your search, it can help to decide which potential amenities are on your dream list—that way, you’re less likely to get blindsided by the flashiness and make an impulse decision. When you know what’s most important to you going in, you can keep your eye on the prize—an apartment with the perfect cross section of your desires. Below, see some of the luxury amenities that might be an option for you.

The most-desired amenity, in a poll by Streeteasy, is apartments that allow pets. And for good reason—if you have a pet, it’s not just a desired amenity, but a necessary one. Even if you don’t already have a four legged friend, many New Yorkers desire to add one to the family in the near future, so picking a building that’s pet friendly could be high on your list regardless of if you already have a pet.

Other popular and relatively common amenities from the Streeteasy poll include a doorman, elevator, laundry, and dishwasher. Still desired but less common features include outdoor space and parking.

Now let’s move on to the rarer amenities, that might set an apartment building totally apart from it’s competition.

Outdoor space is on the wish-list of many New Yorkers, but some buildings are taking it to the next level with more advanced options than the typical balcony or courtyard. This can be anything from a shared community roof deck with grills and seating to a rooftop community garden where residents can grow vegetables. Others include outdoor sporting facilities like tennis courts.

Another up and coming amenity, though more on the side of function than fun, is the in-building coworking space. Telecommuting and freelancing are on the rise, so apartments are offering options that work for this new wave of employees.

If you’re looking to do a different kind of work, you might want to look into apartments with fitness areas. If you’re used to going to a gym that’s far from your apartment or work, or if you don’t usually attend a gym at all, it could be a motivating factor to have one in your home.

A game changer for some is an in apartment pool. especially given the crowded nature of city pools and their limited calendars. Though most buildings with pools will be on the pricier side, the private pools in Manhattan have high enough fees that if swimming is important to you, it could offset the cost.

You might even find some truly outrageous amenities on your search—movie theaters, in house pet groomers, spas, playrooms for kids, and more.


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