Transition your home to green cleaning products

It can seem impossible to take action in the face of impending climate doom. But rather than sit on our hands as the ice melts and the sea level rises, we can take steps at home to mitigate our own carbon footprint and try to create more sustainable consumer trends.

As you probably know from hair and skin products, not to mention ‘organic’ food labels, it’s best to do some research beforehand on the true contents of potential products. Labels can be misleading and often buzzwords are used in place of real information. Over at The Strategist, experts were consulted to gather a list of genuinely safe products. Generally speaking, plant-based cleaners are a better choice than anything with chemicals, and keep an eye out for the Safer Choice Label, a designation created by the Environmental Protection Agency.

If you’re committed to making your entire home more green, think beyond basic cleaning—there are many areas of home maintenance that use an environmental do-over. Purchase eco-friendly laundry detergents instead of traditional ones, and consider recycled paper towel and toilet paper rolls.

If you don’t have time to make your home a green clean space yourself, you can hire cleaners who have made the transition to environmentally sound practices. Bushwick Green Cleaners Inc and Great Green Cleaning are two great Brooklyn options.

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