5 efficient shoe storage methods

There are some things you can’t Kondo out of your apartment, like the shoes that you need to brave the seasons and walk around the city. Then, you need a place to store your shoes—a pile in the entryway definitely won’t do.

For a shoe solution that’s in the entryway but not a splayed all over the floor situation, we are fans of the ever versatile shoe bench. Think about it—you sit down to take off your shoes, and then put them in the convenient storage offered by the bench. It’s a popular enough concept that there are plenty available for purchase, both simple versions and (slightly) more innovative (though how innovative can you really get with a ‘shoe bench.’) If you’re the handy sort, you can, of course, make your own out of wood, and the other tools necessary to create a bench.

If you prefer to keep your shoes hidden away, there’s a plethora of closet organizers available, all built to maximize space. There’s different ways to configure it, from flat compartments (that could be used for other items,) to more of a diagonal hanging configuration, and straight downward options.

If your closet is too full (or non-existent,) maybe there’s room under your bed for a shoe solution. This rack rolls out so you don’t even have to dig around under the bed to find your shoes.

Some people prefer to keep their shoes hidden away, but others have beautiful shoes that they want to display. One innovative technique if you like to show your shoes off is using a bookcase to both store them and have them as eye candy for guests or, of course, yourself.

If you’re bored of the other possibilities, here’s an option we’ve never seen before: a table-lazy Susan-shoe organizer.

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