The best plants for apartment living

No matter how attentive of a plant parent you are, there are woes that can befall plants simply by the virtue of living in a cramped space with limited lighting. There are plants that can survive and thrive in these constrained conditions, and you’ll be starting out with a better prognosis if you buy them to start your mini green space instead of more needy forms of greenery. If you’re also worried about your own abilities to care for a small green stalk, we’ve got you covered there too—some of these options don’t require much upkeep, and we’ve noted accordingly.

Air plants 

When I read the name air plants, I thought, ‘sounds fake,’ but they are indeed real, and great for your apartment. Air plants don’t need dirt, which is especially convenient if you have animals that you’re worried about digging into your plants and getting dirt on the floor.


You’ve probably heard this before, because succulents are a notorious favorite of the hip-apartment-crowd, but it’s for good reason.

Snake plant

These bright green plants are believed to purify air, which is quite the bonus in a city known for it’s poor air quality. They’re also hard to kill, which is perfect if you’re busy or worried about your abilities as a plant parent.


Another friend that lives without frequent watering, a cactus is a great starter plant for someone who loves aesthetics but is unsure of their care taking abilities. You can find a variety at most stores that sell plants, as they’re well loved by apartment dwellers.

Chinese Evergreen

If your window situation is subpar, consider a Chinese Evergreen. Unlike most plants, this guy does best in indirect sunlight, and can even live with artificial light.


The Pothos can also live well under abnormal lighting conditions, and can eliminate toxins that fester in carpets and rugs.

Iron plant

The iron plant’s name makes sense, because it can live through bad lighting conditions and minimal water. If you go out of town a lot and have unfortunate windows, this may be the plant for you.

Peace lily 

If you love a beautiful plant but aren’t ready for the intensive upkeep, try a peace lily. It survives in dim light and thrives on once a week watering.

African violets

Another flowering plant that can survive without traditional accompaniments, the African violet only needs watering once a week.

Lucky bamboo

More like lucky for you if your apartment isn’t plant ideal! This plant lives well in indirect sunlight, and it grows in water and only needs to be changed once or twice a month.

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