The benefits of a doorman building

Once you get to a certain luxury level in the apartment search, you have some new decisions to make. One of the primary decisions is whether or not you want to live in a doorman building. Living in a doorman building is about much more than someone physically opening the door. Though it may seem stuffy or old fashioned, there are many real benefits that can both outweigh the added costs and make your life much easier.

In the age of Amazon and online shopping, arguably the biggest benefit of a doorman building is knowing that your packages are secure. Though it may not seem like a huge deal, it makes sense when you think about the alternative: if delivery people can’t get into your lobby, packages can be left out on the street and subject to theft, or, some services won’t deliver them at all and will put them at a nearby checkpoint. While this is of course a better solution than nothing, it can add days to your pick up timeline, and isn’t workable for packages containing perishables. Additionally, if you have a large delivery like furniture, it will sometimes be sent back to the manufacturer.

Enter the doorman: all these potential problems dissolve. Packages will be kept in the lobby until you’re ready to retrieve them, and there’s always someone ready to keep track.

Speaking of keeping track, a doorman keeps an eye on who enters the building, and knows who is a resident and who is not. This keeps out potentially dangerous strangers.

In some buildings, doormen are a conduit to management to alert them about issues. We’re all familiar with difficult to contact, if not absentee, management, and a doorman can potentially solve those frustrations.


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