Requesting Updates to Rhino Policies from Renters

Leasing agents and property managers are now able to request their renters to update their policy to match the lease right from the portal. This allows them to send an instant notification to the renter to accept the changes to their policy and meet the requirements of the lease. 

Here is how it works:

1. In the renter policy confirmation emails you receive, click the button “Update Policy Details”  if anything does not match the lease correctly. 

2. This link will take you to the specific renter policy screen on where you can enter the correct policy requirements. Once you click ‘Save’, a pop up appears to confirm those changes and to let you know the renter will be instantly notified of the request for changes. 

3. An email is instantly sent to the renter with the details of the updated policy with a button to accept the changes. 

4. The link will take the renter to their account page where they can confirm the changes.

5. Once the renter confirms, an email is sent to the leasing team notifying them the policy now meets the requirements. As always, they can download the policy documents for their needs.

Key notes:

1. The policy update capability is available within the first 14 days after a policy is bound; you will need to contact to request changes after the 14-day window. 

2. Rhino will ensure the renter takes immediate action in response to your request (within the 14-day window) through a series of emails and touchpoints that triggers when you make the request.

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