Protect your apartment from bugs

Unfortunately, bugs are more of a feature than (ahem,) a bug of New York apartments. In your time here you’ve certainly seen more than your fair share, but hopefully you’ve also picked up some wisdom on how to keep them out of your home. If you need some extra help, try these tips.

The front and back doors aren’t just the entry point for humans into the home, it’s also how many bugs make their way in and out. Doorways often have gaps, from the obvious bottom of door crack to more hidden ones. An aluminum threshold or door sweep will help keep bugs from crawling in under the door. Weatherstripping the rest of the frame will help with other cracks.

Bugs are more likely to stay in an apartment where they have easy access to feeding or nesting, so do everything you can to remove these opportunities. Keeping the kitchen clean is the most important factor, but any clutter in the home can offer a breeding ground for bugs to hide and hibernate. In the kitchen, keep all food in containers and utilize the fridge for as many items as possible. Leaving dirty dishes in the sink is an invitation for bugs to congregate—rinse everything off right away, or put them straight into the dishwasher if you have one. Watch how you handle your trash—all food trash should be centralized in the kitchen.

Also in the kitchen, clean appliances regularly. Crumbs in the toaster or around the microwave can attract the bugs. Extra moisture in any room of the house attracts them as well—leaky faucets, standing water in the sink, or exposed pipes. If you do find bugs, first, identify them, before you make any moves to rid them from the house. Different types of bugs react differently, so it’s best to find the most specific solution to save time and prevent future infestations.

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