Have you tried Citibike?

You’ve definitely heard of Citibike, but have you tried it? Most New Yorkers have an opinion—you’ll find the Citibike evangelizers, who don’t mind the logistics and general danger of biking in traffic, and you’ll also find those who swear they’ll never try it. If you’ve been considering giving the blue bikes a ride, here’s what you need to know.

If you already love biking, the perks of Citibike are obvious—it’s the most economical and ecological way to travel around New York. If you’ve spent your time here worried about getting a bike stolen or leaving it places that are hard to get back to, that’s where Citibike comes in. As you’ve certainly seen, the city is full of large Citibike stations that house the bikes when no one is riding them. You pick one up there, and ride it to wherever you want, so long as you have a terminal nearby on the other side.

Though you have to abide by the Citibike logistical rules, they’re far from complicated. If you’re looking to try Citibike before committing, get a day pass. A 24 hour day pass is $12, which includes 30 minutes of ride time. If you take rides that are longer than 30 minutes, each additional fifteen minutes is $4. A three day pass is $24. You can buy the passes on the app or at a station kiosk.

If you decide that Citibike is for you, it may be time for an Annual Pass. If you’re a frequent rider or use the bikes for commuting, it’s quite a deal—$169 per year with unlimited 45 minute rides. If you take rides that are longer than 45 minutes, it’s $2.50 for each additional 15 minutes.

Of course, if you’re not into biking, you already know the reasons! Personally, I’m too skittish to be out on the streets with the cars.

Just be sure not to lose or damage the bike—it costs $1200 to replace a Citibike!

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