4 Unusual Places to Find Great Furniture

Ikea, Pottery Barn, and Crate & Barrel are all typical places to grab some furniture for your new pad, but sometimes the styles can get repetitive. It’s not infrequent that I’ve visited a friend’s apartment that has the same furniture as another friend, or worse yet, the same as my furniture. To avoid this, and make sure you’re space is a little more unique, we’ve put together a list of places that have tons of range in their furniture offerings.



There’s nothing worse than seeing a picture of a to-die-for living room online, and having no way of knowing where all of the furniture is from. Houzz solves that exact problem. The site features an endless stream of photos of impeccably decorated houses, along with being curated so that each of them are so eye pleasing, and organized by room type. Each photo is tagged with similar furniture pieces online, in a variety of price points. They also have a ton of fun videos that showcase the services they offer, like this one with Kristen Bell.



While you may think of Target as an essentials only shop, the chain store is also a wonderful spot to find new furniture. Their offerings are surprisingly diverse, with pieces from a variety of design traditions, all at affordable price point. Consider this contemporary metal bed frame from $109, or this super cute mid century sofa for only $262. There are so many options, and the best part is every purchase of over $35 includes free shipping.


Zara Home

For those of us who are super interested in keeping on trend in every aspect of life, Zara Home has a lot of great sleek and stylish options to spruce up one’s home. They have everything––toothbrush holders, cutlery, mattress protectors––all in a similar aesthetic sensibility to the clothing we’re all familiar with.



If you have a more vintage sensibility, or don’t mind used furniture, Chairish is the perfect place for you to find consigned furniture, rugs, art, and more. Chairish is a much safer choice than something like Craigslist or Ebay because the company vets each listing, and has the right to decline something if it’s not a good fit. When you buy from Chairish, you know that a piece fits your quality standards, and that it’ll arrive when it’s supposed to.

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