4 Tips For A Landlord Approved Paint Job

Far too often do you find a perfect property, only to have stark white walls that remind you that the space is a rental, and not your own. When you’re living in a space, and paying good money to do so, it’s only natural to want to make the space feel like your own by painting it a color you like, rather than something bland and impersonal. Painting is a tricky thing to negotiate with a landlord, so we’ve put together a few tips to make your landlord a little more willing to take the plunge.


Paint Choices

A lot of renters choose to blindside their landlords, but it’ll end up best in the end if you include them in the process. Consulting a landlord in the process of picking a paint color is a great way to show them that you acknowledge that the space you’re renting is really their space. Be sure to use something light so that it won’t be difficult to paint over for your landlord, or the next renter.

You’ve Done Your Research

There’s a bevy of information online about how to do a proper paint job, and if you do your research, and make this clear to your landlord, they should be more willing to allow you to paint. A landlord’s main concern in having a renter paint isn’t that they will pick an awful colour, but rather that the renter’ll make a mess of the paint job. There are plenty of horror stories out there: purple and blue paint on kitchen cupboards, bubblegum pink walls and baseboards, paint permanently stained on the floor. Your landlord is just worried that they’ll end up with one.


Take the Appropriate Precautions

Going hand-in-hand with research, you should make sure you put all of your new knowledge to good use in painting your rental. Use a cloth drop sheet, always use a semigloss paint ‘cause it’ll wipe clean, use a 9” roller, cut in paint edges with a brush ––painting may seem like an instinctual process with little necessary preparation, but there are a lot of specifics that are important to get down pat before beginning.


Paint It Back

If a landlord isn’t satisfied just by your clear attention to detail, most landlords can be persuaded if you promise to paint back to the space’s original colour. This, of course, isn’t the ideal clause for you, since it’ll cost you more time, and money, in paying for a second paint job at the end of your lease, but at least you’ll be on the road to a more personal look for your rental space!

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